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About this website

On the Access to Care site you can explore many types of health care information that are helpful for Veterans, caregivers and the public.

You can find information on...

  • Appointment wait times and availability by specialty.
  • Quality data on how VA medical centers and nursing homes are meeting quality standards.
  • How satisfied Veterans are with health care at VA medical centers.
  • Other health care information that may be useful such as VA's COVID-19 data.

Much of this information is required by law to be shared with Veterans and the public.

Please contact your preferred VA medical center to register for VA care, make an appointment, reach your provider, or access the many services at your local facility. These options and services are not available on the Access to Care site.

How to use information on Access to Care

On Access to Care, you can explore many types of health care information to help you make informed decisions about your or a loved one’s health care and find available VA care anywhere in the VA health care system.

You may find more information on this site than you need. This information is given because VA is committed to providing timely, high quality health care and openly sharing our progress with Veterans and the public.

For researchers and members of the media, look for downloadable datasets that are available throughout Access to Care.

Additional VA information on quality of care is also available at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), Care Compare.

Recent changes to this website

From time to time Access to Care is updated in response to feedback from Veterans, changes in the law, internal and industry changes to the reported metrics, input from Congress, and new VA priorities. Highlights on recent changes are provided below.