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MISSION Act Quality Measure Community Comparison for

Last Updated: 05/14/2024
Next Update: 08/14/2024
Data are updated Quarterly
Measure Measure Direction VA Hospital Results Community Benchmark VA vs. Community

Footnotes are used to identify sources of comparative data or special circumstances around a particular measure score, such as a unique calculation method. Often footnotes are used when there are not enough cases (number of patients or events) to report a measure at a statistically valid level. The list of footnotes below is used in VA reports to help identify these sources and circumstances. Footnotes are identified in reports by parenthesis around the corresponding footnote number. For example, measures that use an NCQA HEDIS benchmark will have a (2) next to the community benchmark score.

* Incomplete score; influenza season is ongoing.
1 -CMS Care Compare benchmark (CMS - Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services)
2 -NCQA HEDIS benchmark (NCQA HEDIS - National Committee for Quality Assurance, Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set)
3 -AHRQ CAHPS Database benchmark (AHRQ - Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality; CAHPS - Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems)
4 -Benchmark Calculated from CMS data
5 -CMS Nursing Home Compare benchmark
6 -VA Only Data. For FY21, benchmark data is pre-COVID-19; VA data is inclusive of the pandemic timeframe
9 -Greater than 1000 lines days are needed to report the HAI measure (HAI – Hospital Acquired Infection)
10 -The number of cases is too few to report
11 -Due to first year reporting with CMS, prior year facility rate is not available
12 -VA National Score
13 -No data for this reporting period