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MISSION Act Quality Measure Community Comparison for Walla Walla, WA Health Care System

Last Updated: 03/2020
Measure Measure Direction VA Hospital Results Community Benchmark VA vs. Community
Effective Care
Adequate Control of High Blood Pressure Higher is better 76.60% 51.70%
Annual Eye Exam for Diabetics Higher is better 89.80% 55.30%
Blood Pressure Control for Diabetics Higher is better 75.70% 62.40%
Flu Shots for Adults Ages 18-64 Higher is better 50.10% 53.40%
Poor Blood Glucose Control Among Diabetics Lower is better 16.00% 37.30%
Screening for Breast Cancer Higher is better 70.40% 69.00%
Screening for Cervical Cancer Higher is better 82.00% 70.60%
Smoking and Tobacco Cessation - Advise Smokers to Quit Higher is better 99.10% 74.50%
1 - CMS Hospital Compare benchmark
2 - NCQA HEDIS benchmark
4 - Benchmark Calculated from CMS data
6 - VA Only Data
7 - NCQA HEDIS benchmark (Commercial National)
8 - NCQA HEDIS benchmark (Medicare Regional)
9 - Less than 1000 Line Days to Report (HAI)
10 - The number of cases is too few to report.