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How Quickly Can My VA Facility See Me?

Published patient wait times reflect recent past Veteran experience at a facility. The only way to truly know when you can be scheduled for an appointment with your provider is at the time you schedule your appointment with a clinic. You can get general information about appointment availability by using the tools below. You can also find out which services and clinics are available at each VA location to help with your planning.

If you have been seen within the last three years in the same clinic for the same health concern, you are an Established Patient and you can schedule a return appointment. If you have not been seen in the same clinic for the same issue within the last three years, you are considered a New Patient.

VA provides average wait times using data from appointments recently completed at each VA Medical Center and Community-Based Outpatient Clinic across our network. This information is broken down by location, clinic type and whether you are a New or Established patient.

VA also offers Same-Day Services that could include a face-to-face or virtual appointment such as telehealth, if needed. You might also get a returned phone call or secure message to answer your health concerns. VA may also be able to refill your prescription to solve your concern the same day. If appropriate, you may be able to schedule a future appointment.

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